Tactic Counsel & Orange Street Media Merger

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Tactic Counsel Ltd and Orange Street Media Ltd come together to create a bespoke sport agency

Orange Street Media Ltd and Tactic Counsel Ltd are pleased to announce their merger to form Tactic Connect Ltd.

Both companies have worked alongside each other in the sports industry since 2013 supporting each other on projects and with client requirements where ever there was an overlap, and this seemed the next logical step to support the market and our growing client base.

Tactic Connect is a highly credible bespoke sports agency servicing a range of clients including athletes, clubs, organisations in key areas of sport.Our services fall into four clear categories, Commercial & Management Services, Connectivity & Sponsorships, Media, Campaigns & Events and Education & Welfare

We are looking forward to working with our existing clients, engaging with new projects, growing the brand and providing enhanced services throughout the wider sports remit.

Tactic Counsel’s CEO, Genevieve Gordon-Thomson says “The merger provides us with the opportunity to offer more to our clients, work more effectively within the market, providing stronger services to all and supporting an industry that is so delightful to work in” whilst Orange Street Media’s CEO, Gary Stannett MBE said “Tactic Connect provides a unique opportunity to develop an agency that that responds to the needs of athletes and organisations across the sporting landscape”.

For comments please contact us at: info@tacticconnect.com

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