Zeus Fitness


Review the market
Create a business plan for the short, medium and long term
Identification of potential difficulties within the market
Terms and conditions of service
Risk assessment and due diligence awareness


Zeus Fitness is a personal training business that has been set up by the accomplished UKBFF competitor Sam Bird.

Sam has sought our help to better promote the business and guide him through the world of client agreements, risk, best business practice and offer support to his growing business.

We are currently working with Zeus Fitness to create a solid ‘buy-in’ from clients to stabilise the company and allow Sam to plan for the short, medium and long term. To do this successfully we are focussing on working with Sam to offer appropriate packages to different clients, identify potential business problems early on and plan for the fluctuations in the market so he can look forward positively knowing that he has a structure in place that will support him grow his very popular online training client base as well as his face to face training sessions knowing the potential pitfalls of both.

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