Major League Baseball


World Baseball Classic Qualifier strategic support
Appropriate implementation of doping programme
Sponsorship negotiation
MLB Roadshow revival opportunities
Academy planning


MLB is the governing body of Baseball and creator of a number of baseball initiatives both in the USA and abroad.

Genevieve worked as a consultant for MLBI on major MLB projects in Europe and offering strategic support to the World Baseball Classic Qualifier in Regensberg, Germany. This varied brief included negotiating sponsorship deals, assisting with the Anti-doping programme, ticketing, player support, onsite competition logistics and also working with the VIP event suppliers promoting the event to multiple countries.

This led to working on other projects such as the MLB Roadshow, sponsorship negotiations for European and African MLBI academies and on the joint MLB/BSUK European Big League Tour, creating the promotional material, raising awareness of the tour and supporting the baseball superstars with their individual promotional commitments thoughout their time on the tour.

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