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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”

– Malcolm X

The fluctuating and uncertain environment of sport can make financial planning a daunting and somewhat painful experience. Our Financial Solutions department offers timely and on point advice taking into account the various challenges of sports life including high earners, limited time earning capacity and other financial challenges not present in other business environments.

Tactic Counsel’s Financial Solutions department offers a number of key financial services that will enable sports people, organisations and clubs to consider their future in a sustainable way. Receiving sound and regulated* advice will allow you to focus on the field safe in the knowledge that your finances are performing for you off the field.

A career in sport does not last forever, so plan now for your future. Taking control of your finances will put you in a far stronger position when the inevitable transition happens.

Financial Review

A sound financial future is only attainable through planning effectively and acknowledging changes. As a minimum you need to understand the arrangements you have in place. We take the strain out of reviewing those plans: you provide the information and we will report back to you on what you have, what it will do and weed out any dead wood that no longer works for you.

A lot of standard financial advice is geared toward people that have a 40 year working life which does not suit sport people. We also know that incomes vary dependant on your sport, playing level and commercial agreements so the financial advice we give will be tailored to you: your sport, your career stage and your discretionary income.

Appropriate Banking

In an ever changing world knowing who the best service providers are for certain utilities and choosing the correct service providers can be a problem for everyone not just athletes. We can help you with automated bill payments, bank accounts and other everyday money concerns making your day to day more effective.


Thousands of athletes drop out of their chosen sport each year through injury and illness: be prepared incase you are one of the unlucky ones. You may need to pay medical bills, replace your ongoing income or to have a lump sum to make adaptations when faced with different circumstances.

We also provide advice and options for insurance policies ranging from general home and car insurance to specialized insurances for sporting equipment and most of all yourself. Ultimately we work with you to identify appropriate financial solutions and use our experience to find the insurance providers who are most sympathetic to your individual sporting circumstances.

Lifestyle Financial Planning

Financial planning helps athletes and sport organisations establish their long-term lifestyle aspirations. We offer a financial overview service that shows you where you are now and highlights what you need to do to achieve financial security. Our ongoing services help you forecast by planning for the future and consider possible scenarios and alternatives that may affect your future financial stability.

If for example you are about to negotiate a financial agreement (salary/sponsorship package) our financial planner can use a sophisticated visual package to show you the financial implications of different alternatives so you can negotiate with confidence knowing the minimum you can accept.

With this knowledge the Financial Solutions department works with you to focus on investments of various length, estate planning and separate retirement plans giving you a future to look forward to.

Corporate Planning

From small partnerships to PLC’s we offer a variety of services that complement the effort that is put in to the field of play. This allows you to grow your organisation with confidence knowing that you have covered all the bases. Our specific knowledge base includes succession planning encompassing the appropriate legal agreements that need to be in place supported by the right financial solutions should you be in the unfortunate position of losing one of your key players whether this is a business owner or a key employee.

Successful corporate planning means that your business plans can continue with the minimum of disruption no matter what happens. Tactic Counsel’s Financial Solutions department is here to make sure that your organization has the right money in the right place at the right time.

* Monetary Solutions Ltd is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and works with Tactic Counsel’s clients to provide independent financial advice.

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