Commercial Activity

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”

– Bobby Unser

The key to success is recognising that you may need help from time to time in order to create opportunities, make good decisions and protect your own brand or organisation. Seeking appropriate advice at different stages in your business lifecycle can often make all the difference between success and failure.

Tactic Counsel’s Commercial Activity department offers a number of key commercial services that will enable sports people, organisation and clubs to consider their future in a sustainable way. Receiving sound advice will allow you to grow your personal brand or your sports organisation safe in the knowledge that your business plan is fit for purpose.

The decisions you make during your sporting career can affect your long term future. Good advice from the beginning allows you to shape a future that you can control and benefit from long term.

Sustainable Planning

Sustaining a winning streak requires ongoing commitment. Vigilant monitoring of trends as well as tapping into related local, regional and national news and other opportunities will ensure you are still firmly in view to your fans, affiliates, sponsors and other stakeholders within your sport. We work closely with you to remain visible, tap into undiscovered markets and exploit your message to make you or your organisations commercially stable for years to come through the creation of a winning medium and long term strategy which we then work with you to deliver through consistent and established channels.

Commercial Advice

Experience within the Commercial Activity team allows us to offer advice on a variety of commercial considerations ranging from personal to corporate advice. We have a wealth of experience within sport and are keen to promote positive decision making processes within the industry. We can advise you on your commercial decisions by giving you scenarios to work with that will help you drive your future. From the development of key principles to core statements Tactic Counsel’s Commercial Activity department will work with you on a continuous basis to help alleviate the demands and uncertainties of the industry.

Legal Advice

Law and sport are becoming more aligned as time goes on. Each and everyone within sport has or will have a legal responsibility at some point. In this day and age it is imperative that sports people and sports organisations consider legal ramifications when making plans and also react in a legally appropriate way when faced with challenges akin to sport. We can advise you on a plethora of legal issues in and around sport ranging from safeguarding, partnerships, sponsorship and intellectual property agreements, stakeholder relationship management, due diligence, risk assessments, athlete welfare and player contracts.

Education Workshops

The Commercial Activity department offers a range of educational packages delivered through an active learning workshop platform. These workshops can be tailored to the needs of the client through any or all of our departments. Typically we offer a mixed workshop with the emphasis on overviews of our 3 key specialist areas.

Decision Making

Decisions can often be made on the spur of the moment without really understanding the ramifications. Here at Tactic Counsel we aid you to make good decisions by working with you to determine the pros and cons of opportunities that you forge or that come your way.

Sports Funding

Finding relevant revenue streams is only the beginning of the journey when looking to secure your own or your organisations future. The Commercial Activity department can work with you to research and identify appropriate funding opportunities within your sector. We will assist you to write inspiring applications so that you realise the funding opportunities that are available within your market. We will work closely with you to determine your true purpose, produce credible evidence for the assessment panel and promote the benefit of the potential funding.

Brand Creation

Your brand encompasses everything you stand for and is a vital component of your ongoing success. We work closely with you to help you discover the key drivers for your future success. Brand creation includes identifying your key principles, discovering cogent markets and understanding your current commercial position. From there we can help you position your brand, identify potential sponsors and have specialist media training to ensure you are always at the top of your game.

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