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Tactic Connect is a bespoke sports agency providing services in four clear categories, Commercial and Management Service, Connectivity and Sponsorships, Media, Campaigns & Events and Education & Welfare.

Each department provides critical support in key areas:

Commercial Activity

The Commercial Activity department works with you to make sound commercial decisions. We advise clients on best routes to protect themselves, planning and making sustainable decisions which allow you to move forward effectively, knowing that you are planning successfully for the future.

Personal Stability & Wellbeing

The Personal Stability & Wellbeing department works with athletes at any level of ability to help maximise their performance in their chosen sport. We will play an integral role in ensuring that athletes mental preparation matches their physical preparation.

Financial Solutions

The Education department offers bespoke courses, masterclasses and workshops for organisation and athlete. We believe that education is the most important tool to help you navigate your career in this landscape. You can book onto workshops that are already running as an individual, a team or an organization or ask us to design one that is specific to your needs.

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Our Clients and Case Studies

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How We Can Help

The Tactic Connect philosophy is to work with each and every client as an individual. We work with you rather than for you so that you can gain the maximum benefit from our services which are tailored to suit your needs.


We work with you to identify where you are now and where you want to be in the future taking into consideration your core aims and objectives.


Formulation of a reliable plan comes from considering a number of viable options considering market forces, challenges, time and cost to understand the choices and make the right decision for you.


Working through the options together, settling on the correct solution or solutions in order for you to attain your goals.


We view an ongoing relationship as key to success within the fast paced sporting world. We continue to work with you to protect, promote and stabalise you, your brand and your organization in an ever changing landscape.

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Words from Our Customers

  • "Tactic Connect delivered an informative and well-structured workshop on player contracts to the England Netball Roses squad. The style and content of delivery was of a high quality, allowing for an excellent level of interaction, engagement and learning."

    Helen Alfano Performance Lifestyle Advisor, English Institute of Sport
  • "We are pleased to have been working with Tactic Connect who have been supporting our marketing and social media strategies to raise awareness of our charity ‘Set4Success’."

    John Le Rossignol Chairman, Set 4 Success
  • "Tactic Connect have been a massive help in allowing me to develop and explore opportunities outside of my sport. The team has a huge wealth of knowledge, they have helped me develop my ideas, as well as suggesting things I wouldn't have even considered. They are willing and able to guide me through a new process, or there to lend an ear if I just want to run through some new ideas."

    Jim Roberts GB Athlete, Paralympian
  • "Before I worked with Tactic Connect, I was literally making it up as I went along and when I started to get approached by a few brands for sponsorship and affiliations, I had no idea what was best for me or what I was getting myself into. I just thought it was the thing to do to be an athlete and affiliated with a brand. I was clueless and Tactic Connect helped me to take a step back and look at what was right for ME and what I could gain, rather than how I could benefit the brand. As a result I turned down some big companies who would have taken advantage of me and have since grown a solid relationship with my current sponsors, Muscle Fury, who support me and actually pay me to work for them, along with helping pay for competitions, provide me with free supplements and give me free gym membership; all so I can promote them while affording to do what I love and building my own personal brand ready for my own business. Tactic Connect taught me to think “Why do I want sponsorship from these people?”. If being affiliated with a brand doesn’t suit me or give me anything, it’s okay to walk away. But I also know that if I do decide to work with a brand, what am I signing??"

    Ms Emma Howie UKBFF Federation, Bikini Fitness category
  • "Working with Tactic Connect is exciting! Gen’s approach is creative and engaging and certainly I view her and Tactic Connect as that “critical business friend. We are going through a period of change and knowing we have the support and expertise of Tactic Connect alongside us is very reassuring. Discussions with Gen are always thought provoking, but importantly with real and manageable results in mind. She’s certainly keeping me on my toes! Tactic Connect is injecting some renewed vigour into our business planning which I have no doubt will reap rewards for the UK Sports Association and the athletes we support."

    Tracey McCillen Chief Executive, UKSA (UK Sports Association for People with Learning Disability)
  • I have worked with Genevieve on various projects over the past 8 years and found her to be exemplary in her attitude and work. She provides detailed plans and implements them with tight schedules and monitoring. She is a great leader and manages team relationships with a very understanding and discerning manner. She inspires confidence in clients and team members. She has greatly assisted Horsham Rugby Club with developing their fund raising and sponsorship strategy along with a programme for implementing improvements to the facilities. She has also provided first class legal advice and documentation both in the sports environment and for businesses, including our own, including contractual issues.”

    Mr D R F Earley
  • "Owning my own business has always terrified me and I probably wouldn’t have started it if I had never met Tactic Connect. Iron Candi was an idea that popped into my head when there was a gap in the market for me as a consumer. Marketing is something I know and I can sell anything by using it and being creative. But the legal side of things is something that makes me want to bury my head in the sand and just not do it full stop! Tactic Connect provided me with all the information I would need and filled me in on everything I would need to do in order to set up my company. They restored me at Companies House and advised me on trademarking and copyright.  There are so many things that I would never have thought of that Tactic Connect have told me I need to think about, such as my Terms & Conditions and Terms of Use on my retail website. If you have never done anything before and don’t know everything, find someone who does! Tactic Connect are there to make sure I don’t slip up but also so I can make the most out of my new business and flourish by making all the right decisions and being a step ahead of the game!"

    Emma Howie Iron Candi
  • "Genevieve did an outstanding job for the world Baseball Classic qualifier in Germany, In addition she has also assisted in developing sponsorship proposals for game development programs in Europe, specifically pitching the MLB academies."

    Mr P J Archey Major League Baseball

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